Introducing THE NOTES

by the notes

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released August 4, 2010

sam, lauren & aaron




all rights reserved


the notes UK


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Track Name: Awake

I don't want to do this anymore, oh,
It's taken all that I have got and more,
It has pushed my face into the floor, oh,
And I just don't know quite what it's all for

Empty eyes,
A sign of the times,
Silent mind,
No bell that chimes,
Happy memories,
Too hard to find,
Their demands have
buried me alive.

Saying goodbye,
To this way of life,
Shouting farewell,
To all of this strife,
Pushing aside,
All the things I don't like,
Forgetting all that,
Keeps me awake at night.v
Track Name: Summer Love
Summer Love

All everyone wants this summer is sun,
All everyone wants this summer is fun,
What they really want is love,
But they're not gonna get it,
Not if they're lucky

It ends like an English summer,
Too close to when it began,
When autumn comes it fades away,
With nothing left but grains of sand in your shoes

All everyone wanted in summer is gone,
All everyone wanted in summer's undone,
They let go of their cliched kind of love,
But they'll still dream about it,
They'll try and find it,
When summer's back again
When summer's back again
Track Name: Dancing Shoes
Dancing Shoes

Putting on my dancing shoes,
I'm going out tonight,
I'm telling everyone around,
That everything's alright.

But my smile is painted,
And my laugh is fake,
I am just a party piece,
To put up on display.
I'm no different from that girl
That was crying three hours ago,
I'll give you back the happy girl
that you all like to know.

I've got my favourite dress on
And I've got a drink in hand,
But chemicals and compliments,
Won't give me back your love.

I'll dance alone 'til midnight,
Then I will go back home,
There's no one at the disco,
That I'd more like to know.
I can't speak to strangers there,
Incase they are like you,
Rip your heart out from the roots,
And leave you unsure of what to do.

Every night since you have left,
I've put on these dancing shoes,
Show everyone the party girl,
Until it's really true.
Track Name: Lighthouse

I see you far away,
I hear about you most days,
And I've been wishing that you were with me
I think about you all the time,
I hold you above the others,
And I just want you, thats all
I don't know you really,
But I'm sure that we would make each other happy

I know you're not thinking of me,
You don't even turn and look at me

We'll never make it to the lighthouse,
I'll never have what I want most,
You'll never even know how I feel,
To you I'm just a ghost
Track Name: Porphyria's Lover alt.master
Porphyria's Lover

This is not your choice,
They forced you to leave,
Silenced your voice,
If you can catch a moment,
Hold it in your hand,
Just like Porphyria's Lover,
You'll keep it if you can.

When all you want is what you have,
Tie her hair around her neck,
When all you need is freedom,
Wait for God's reply instead